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Cobra Automotive, Inc.

Race Car Build

Vintage racers walk the fine line between period looks, performance and safety.

While one may think it looks like a bunch of guys in old race cars having a good time, there is much more to it than meets the eye. Vintage racing has brought a tremendous amount of recognition and public awareness to an era of racing that has long gone by. Today, owners of these historic cars are finding out that there is life after car shows, and that putting them on the track is another means of enjoying their performance bred vehicles. In this section of our website you can see how Cobra Automotive takes you through the process of building a new vintage race car or restoring one that already has historical significance. When starting from scratch, the process usually begins with disassembling the existing chassis, followed by a stripping process in the form of media blasting. Then an evaluation of what we have to work with can be made and the body work moves ahead from there. While the body is being readied, the drivetrain and other components are evaluated. A game plan is set and, depending on the cars history and or the customers desires, we proceed with creating the final race car product. Take a tour through this vintage race section of our website and see how a race car is built, as each component gets assembled. Each one of our race proven parts are tested and used by our own in-house vintage race cars including our own 500+ hp race engines.