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Cobra Automotive, Inc.

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Cobra Automotive team carsDuring race season, there's always an intense amount of activity here. Cobra Automotive supports many of its customers' race cars, and we field one of our own cars (the trusty #530 car on the left). This picture was taken just before loading the cars and heading off to the track. The car in the background is one of the original 36 factory R-models equipped with Cobra Automotive technology from nose to tail, including suspension, exhaust, and brake system upgrades.




Vintage race car coming to completion.There's nothing more exciting than seeing a state-of-the-art vintage race car coming to life. Pictured in our race shop is one of these cars coming to completion.










Cobra Automotive service baysPictured is a wider shot of one of our service areas. This is our race shop; in the foreground you can see a '66 Shelby GT 350H in traditional black and gold. Next to it, you can see an original 289 Weber Guardsman Blue Cobra vintage race car. Above on the lift is one of our Trans am Camaro vintage race cars, alongside the tub of a Mark I GT40 and another original 289 cobra race car. Some of these are being prepped to go to Europe.





'65 R-Model final assemblyIn our Body Shop: A '65 R-Model gets ready for assembly after the Guardsman Blue stripes were laid down. This is just one of many cars we've restored here starting from a bare, media-blasted unibody, using 100% correct hardware and original parts throughout. This ground up restoration included a "factory stock" engine rebuild as well. All of our complete restorations are performed on rolling dollies, with rotisseries used in the early stages, so we can turn the cars completely upside down to detail their undersides. This is one of eight R-Models to have come through our shop.





GT350 R-Model reconstructed unibodyHow bad must a unibody be damaged before it's not worth fixing? There's no such thing. We believe we can fix anything, and here's proof. This is another factory GT350 R-Model that was an intensive reconstruction project. Years of racing really took their toll on this R-Model, and its owner elected to have Cobra Automotive's restoration shop completely reconstruct the car's unibody to its original condition. This will be a totally authentic R-model restoration.






GT350 R-Model restoration precision panel fittingHere's another shot of the same project with sheet metal added. Precision panel fitting is another important factor in a properly executed restoration. We employ top-notch fabricators and metal working craftsmen. When this seam is welded, little or no filler at all will be necessary. We pride ourselves on exceptional craftsmanship.






Cobra Automotive engine shopOur engine shop offers complete engine building services for your stock restoration project, or for your all-out race car. The race engines we build here are the most competitive, state-of-the-art endurance engines in the sport. Our high-winding, full-competition 289 cubic inch small blocks are now developing 575 plus dyno-tuned horsepower. Our catalog lists the key parts we use in these engines, including the cylinder heads and camshafts. Our 427 and 428 FE engines are another "specialty of the house."




Cobra Automotive Sales DepartmentOur Sales Department is ready to take your parts order and serve your every Ford high performance need. And if you don't know exactly what your needs are, we'll spend the time with you to select the best components for your application. Our sales team has hands on racing/mechanical experience with our products. They're equipped to help you with all your high performance needs.