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Cobra Automotive, Inc.

Trackside Support


Scheduling and Attendance

We try to service the events our customers most want to attend. Logistics such as these are complex and depend on the cost savings available through advanced planning. WE CANNOT ACCEPT CANCELLATIONS LESS THAN 15 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF THE EVENT. If a cancellation is made in less than 15 days, the customer will assume the costs of the event, i.e.: All transportation costs, airline tickets, and any monies extended by Cobra Automotive towards the event for that customer.


Trackside Support for the 2018 Vintage Racing Season

We at Cobra Automotive, Inc. provide a team approach for trackside support. We have a crew of experienced and dedicated racing technicians that will be on site for the duration of the event. Below is an outline of the costs for the drivers attending. 


Materials, Parts & Supplies (Billed as used) 

We supply it all unless you need special materials, in which case we ask that this becomes part of your vehicle spares kit.


Terms & Conditions of Trackside Support (We charge on a Per Diem basis)

We invoice crew accommodations. These costs are divided equally among customers attending an event. We invoice rental car costs, which are divided equally among customers attending an event. Travel time to and from an event for each technician is $50.00 per hour plus expenses. Per Diem trackside support per technician (based on a ten hour day) is $500.00. Half days of four hours or less are billed at $250.00. These half days generally occur on arrival and setup days as well as departure days. Per Diem meal expense is $75.00 per day. Meal expense is $37.50 per half day. Customers share in all out-of-pocket expenses.  


Trackside Help

We have not found any equitable way to offer a use-us-when-you-need-us system. If we are the primary “caregiver” for your car, and you wish to crew it yourself, we are happy to offer advice when time is available. This will occur only when our primary responsibilities are behind us. At times, our plates are full and the time to help may not be available. 


Tent Rental 

Cobra Automotive will have a tent at all of the attending events. This tent is primarily for our customers. If you wish to use our tent, (space prevailing) there will be a $50.00 per day rental fee. This space will include room for your vehicle, spare parts and a large tool box. 


Transportation in an Enclosed Trailer 

Race car transportation to a raceWe charge on a flat rate basis for car and spares based on a round trip. The cost is determined by the location of the race. We do not offer one way transportation at any lesser cost than round trip transportation. If your return spot can be filled, then we will reduce your cost accordingly. All drivers share this expense equally. Hospitality for drivers will include lunch for most events and refreshments all day. 






We invoice each event separately immediately following the event. 

If you need clarification on any of the above conditions please call or e-mail either Ginny or Scott.