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Cobra Automotive, Inc.

Engine Services


We're a full service race shop. Unlike other companies that manufacture race-related parts, we have our own engine development shop here as well...and we take our engine building very seriously. In fact, first and foremost, we're "engine people."

Our full service engine department can provide concours restoration engines, custom street engines or full race engines for any organization including SVRA, HSR, RMVR, HMSA and FIA sanctioning bodies. Our aggressive and ongoing research and development program is currently producing FIA spec European race motors yielding the highest output figures to date and American spec race motors making record power as well. Weber carburetors and race prepped vintage points type distributors are also among our areas of expertise. We have many years of experience with Ford small and big block engines and are no strangers to other brands as well. Full machine shop and dyno services are available.

Today, the restrictions on Shelby GT350 vintage race cars are very strict, and state-of-the-art vintage racing endurance engines must conform to very specific parameters. Vintage racing rules do not allow engine builders to utilize optimum parts by today's standards, such as trick high rpm manifolds and cylinder heads. Working within these strict parameters, however, we offer 289 vintage race engines that produce an honest 500 horsepower. Our competition engines have proven that they can withstand sustained engine speeds of 8000 rpm's, with many major wins throughout the eastern and central parts of the country. As a result, we've become the most well-respected name in vintage racing today.


Curt Vogt in the dyno roomWinning is a continuous effort. Our engine development sessions tell us what we need to know about every change we make. Our goal is always the same: To extract every last ounce of horsepower from every engine we build. It isn't unusual for us to test our newest header design for days, or to install several different camshafts, each with only minor event changes. By constantly trying new combinations built on the best knowledge we've acquired, we stay out in front of the pack. And the little tricks we learn find their way into our street engines, too.

In the background of the photo to the left is our company president, Curt Vogt, seen in the dyno room (sometimes referred to around here as his second home) working on some calculations during a dyno session. Curt is considered one of the sharpest Ford engine people in the country...and the track records we've broken will substantiate that claim.






Dyno-tuned engine

Dyno-tuned engine availability... Cobra Automotive isn't only in the racing business...we also offer dyno-tested engines you can install in your street Mustang or Shelby. Did you know that the original 271 horsepower factory "hipo" engines actually dyno at only 225 hp? Now imagine stepping up to one of these engines that develop a true 365 horsepower. This is a fantastic engine for the street...real "seat-of-the-pants" power coupled with great reliability, and a 10.5:1 compression ratio so you can run it on unleaded pump gas. If you'd like to know more about these incredible 289 engines, there's a full page devoted to all the details in our newest catalog. Each Stage II 289 engine is shipped just as you see it pictured here (except for headers)... 365 dyno-tuned horsepower, ready for installation in your favorite car. Built by custom order only, $10,500.00 (subject to review).



Dyno testing an engine

Precision testing... At left is an actual photo of one of our 289 race engines being dyno tested. We're just approaching 7500 rpm's, on the way to an 8,000 rpm pull. Note that the console readouts are at 7420 rpm and 486 horsepower. After several days of development, this engine developed just over 500 horsepower.








One 289/365 hp Stage II street engine and two 289/475 hp race engines

Waiting for new homes...
One 289/365 hp Stage II street engine and two 289/475 hp race engines are pictured here, each one designated for a specific customer. All three of these engines were custom-built, and the two competition engines will be installed in race cars here at our facility. Each of the engines pictured here has already been dyno-proven and tuned, and here they sit in a holding area... ready for shipment or installation.





Twin Paxtons














Twin Paxtons... We've been working on a very special horsepower project around here...these twin Paxton supercharged Ford 427 kits fit a variety of applications, and they're now available by custom order. So far, we've installed these on a '67 427 Fairlane and an original 427 Cobra here at our shop. The Cobra kit fits under the hood on the original 427 Cobra with a factory hood scoop. The complete twin Paxton conversion kit you see here is available custom made to order (price on request). If you'd like to discuss a twin Paxton supercharger kit, call Cobra Automotive for all the particulars....Call us at (203) 284-3863.